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Best Ads of Super Bowl 2014

Let’s face it, the Super Bowl is probably the only time we actually look forward to commercials between game play. We suddenly become attentive to each ad, while internally ranking who is going to come out on top with the most entertaining and meaningful message. Or maybe we are just curious to know what a $4 Million per 30 second TV ad spot looks like?

You would expect BIG companies spending BIG dollars would generate BIG sales…right? Not necessarily. These days, according to a study conducted by Ad Age, only 20% of Super Bowl ads actually drive sales.

So why all the hype? Well maybe it’s not all about the immediate ROI, and more about brand awareness, staying top-of-mind and simple entertainment. With roughly 100 million people tuning into FOX for a few hours, there are very few media opportunities that exist in today’s world that can come close in viewership.

Let’s not forget about the costs associated with producing these commercials. There are some seriously large advertising budgets being thrown around here. Much like the Super Bowl itself, the ads are a perpetual grudge match of fierce competition between brands and their high-dollar advertising agencies.

See what viewers voted as their favorite Super Bowl ads here at Hulu’s AdZone. 


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