Does Your Business Need a Brand Makeover?

Sometimes a rebrand is crucial, and at other times it can be detrimental to your business. You maybe at a crossroads and not sure if a rebrand is the right solution for you to simulate growth for your company. Branding should be a reflection of your company, and not necessarily based on personal preferences. Rebranding is not just a logo redesign it’s a change in your company’s value proposition.

Here are a few things to consider before you go down rebrand road…

[sixcol_one][dropcap]01[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Make sure that consumer experience matches their expectation of your brand, if these two elements are not in line with each other, then no amount of rebranding will work. Branding is not going to fix a business that is failing or stagnant due to inefficiencies in operations of customer service.[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]02[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]There needs to be something different about your business, product or service that was not reflected by your brand or business model beforehand[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]03[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]If you dramatically change your brand, chances are you are going to lose some of your current customers. Remember that you are rebranding because of changes to your business model or wish to appeal to a new audience. If most of your business comes from price-conscious consumers and you change your brand to attract affluent jet-setters, your price-sensitive customers aren’t going to relate to your brand anymore and look for an alternative[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]04[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Know your core audience and don’t try to be something you’re not. You can’t be everything to everyone.[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]05[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]There’s value in your current branding, regardless if you want something ’new’. If your brand image and creative looks out-of-date, consider keeping key design elements that still work, while losing those that don’t. Keep your name or alter it only slightly.  You want to update your brand image without losing its relationship to your roots and what made your company attractive in the first place.[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]06[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Maybe you never really had a true brand image in the first place? A poor-quality logo, clunky website or inconsistencies across communication channels will cause damage to any business, regardless of the fact that you are still conducting business. Successful branding should represent your product, your mission, and your values. Think about all the business your could have lost through the years due to poor branding.[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]07[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Is your company changing it’s direction? If you have a new product offering and your current business model is different from the past, then it might be time to re-invent and re-brand yourself[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]08[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Rebranding takes careful and comprehensive planning. Take into consideration that all of your current communication materials will need to be rebranded and replaced. That includes everything from your letterhead, email signatures and business cards, to your website and collateral[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]09[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Stay consistent and don’t try to reinvent your brand over and over. You will lose customers, portray instability and confuse everyone. For new business ventures, start on the right foot and conduct as much research as possible to develop a concise brand strategy that will stand the test of time[/sixcol_five_last]


[sixcol_one][dropcap]10[/dropcap][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_five_last]Learn how to adapt to change. Change you product offering based on consumer needs and industry direction[/sixcol_five_last]


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